Board Games Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a board game to give to a friend/family member? Here we will show you some of the most interesting games that you can give to your friend/family member. 

Betrayal: The Hill House

Have you ever wondered how long you would last as a character in a horror film? Betrayal: The Hill House lets you find out. Letting players loose in a mansion that reveals itself room by room, something The wait inside and, as you can probably tell, it's not pleasant.



Catan takes us back to the age of explorers; facing an uninhabited island, players must solve it before their opponents. And as they all struggle to civilise the same frontier, clever manoeuvring is the order of the day.


7 Wonders: Duel

Despite transporting us to an ancient world of pyramids and antiquity, this two-player board game doesn't feel old-fashioned. Rather, it's a nimble, laser-focused strategy game that maintains what made the 7 Original Wonders so good as he updates his two-player game.

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