What to give your loved ones when you're on a tight budget

Finding a good gift for your loved one on a budget is not easy. You'll need help finding a gift that generates sentimental value without seeming cheap. The first step to getting an inexpensive gift is to consider their tastes and interests.

That way, your loved one will appreciate the effort you put into your gift. And after you've figured out what you want from our suggestions, check out both online and offline sales to make sure you stay within your budget and save at the same time.

Personalised Wallet

Most people tend to get too comfortable with their wallets, especially old ones. But by getting them a new personalised one, you will be giving them a timeless gift. The fact that wallets symbolise wealth, success, ability and the preservation of life and health shows that you're on the right track.

As a result, find a wallet that is functional, the style preference of your loved ones and can be used for aesthetics. And by personalising a wallet, your loved one will see the thought you put into choosing that gift and it will be valuable to them.

Beard set

If your loved one is a bearded man, then you can get him a beard care kit that would be a great addition to his life. This set is guaranteed to keep his beard clean and free from dirt and bacteria.

Most of these kits have products for specific use only for the beard, so they do not contain harsh chemicals. These kits mostly have beard oils or balms to perfect your beard and the skin underneath for a healthy looking beard.

Swiss Army knife

This knife is loved by most people and is an excellent gift item that is timeless. This knife is of high quality and is a functional multi-tool that can last for a long time. They are also portable and tend to be very useful in most disaster and survival situations.

Your loved one will enjoy a Swiss Army Knife as it has a spear point blade, screwdrivers, a can opener, a saw blade, a pair of scissors and others that are important in their everyday life.


Smelling good will complement a man's style and always leave a lasting effect on people. When you get a good cologne , will be a way to boost your confidence. This inexpensive gift is personal and shows your partner that you understand their preferences and tastes.

Alternatively, you can give a perfume set that mainly includes body lotions, portable roll-ons and shower gels. Review your options and decide on a scent that can be associated with great memories.

Barbecue tool kit

If your loved one loves to barbecue, you can get them a new set of tools to replace an old one or new tools they don't already have. You can opt for a barbecue multi-tool for frequent use, and most have rubber pads that provide a good grip during multitasking.

You can personalise the barbecue tool set with an engraving of your choice on the handle. Add a barbecue cookbook with different seasonings, food preparation ideas and techniques.

Key finder

Lost keys have happened to the best of us, and getting your loved one a key finder shows how thoughtful you are. Key finders connect to your phone and can locate your lost key, saving you the hassle of searching.

Their versatility also allows them to track your wallet, luggage or remote control and prevents you from losing them. Your loved one can now locate lost items without wasting time searching for them manually.

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