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Choosing a wedding anniversary gift is no easy task. After all, it must please two people at the same time, who may have different hobbies. In order not to clutter a married couple's home with tea sets and wine glass sets, we offer you to familiarise yourself with our ideas for unusual and useful gifts that can be used together.

1. For light breakfasts
Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but also the one with which spouses usually start the day together. But not always awake, people are eager to stand in front of the cooker and cook something like that. Saving time and not leaving spouses hungry is what you need in the morning when there is no time to cook for a long time.
What do you recommend to donate?
Toaster. It seems that this machine does nothing more than toast bread, but in reality, the variations of sandwiches with toast are off the scale. When choosing this gift, pay attention to the additional functions: on some toasters you can bake sandwiches right away, and some miracle machines can also fry and boil eggs. So take a look at this unusual wedding anniversary gift idea.
2. To keep warm
How unpredictable the weather is in our country! One day it's sunny, the next it's cold and sleeting. It makes you want to run home and plunge into a warm bed. And if there is no heating at home, then a conjugal love will no longer warm you up.
What do you recommend to donate?
Electric blanket or electric sheet. It sounds ominous, but no, if the product is used according to the instructions, it will be absolutely safe. Such things are indispensable in the cold, especially useful in a country house. Warm from the onset of a cold and aching joints.
3. Gadget lovers
When you hear the words "wedding anniversary", you immediately imagine a happy old couple who, apart from grandchildren and a garden, don't need anything. Let's break stereotypes: spouses can be progressive, whatever their age.
What do you recommend to donate?
Smart speaker. Not only will such a thing turn on the music on a voice prompt, but it can also control the TV and generally organise a smart home for the family. These speakers have a built-in voice assistant that can carry on a conversation, tell you about the weather or help you find a recipe on the Internet while your hands are busy. Please note: the assistant does not always speak Russian.
4. Travellers
Probably one of the most enjoyable parts of family life is the joint holidays. But the most unpleasant part is to fit everything together and not to fight. This is especially difficult if the couple has children.
What do you recommend to donate?
Suitcase. One thing that will never be superfluous, even if the family already has one or two. Airlines often have different fares with different baggage allowances, so having a spare suitcase on hand will come in handy. Life tip: if you don't know the approximate dimensions of your spouse's existing suitcase, go for the hand luggage option: small and convenient, suitable for a child and will definitely come in handy.
5. For a charge of vivacity
An unshakeable truth: the mood of one spouse always affects the mood of the other. At times when the household routine has overtaken and it becomes difficult to wake up in the morning, our next gift will help.
What do you recommend to donate?
A coffee pot or coffee maker will be a worthy gift for a wedding anniversary. It will fill the house with a delightful aroma, and the body with joy. When buying, pay attention to the types of devices. For example, there are capsule coffee makers, for which you do not need to buy coffee with cream, you just need special capsules with a finished type of coffee. Tip: give preference to small appliances so that there is definitely a place for them, and also pay attention to the design; it is good if it blends well with the interior of the kitchen in the house of the spouses.

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