Summer activities

1. Camps

Camping is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating activities for children. For them it is a real adventure, even if it is only in their own backyard.

2. Days of excursions

Continuing with the line of activities that promote close contact with nature, we will talk about the excursions. As in the previous point, the children get involved in the proposal a few days in advance.

3. Cooking days

Although many think that the presence of children in the kitchen can be a bit chaotic, the reality is that kids have fun. They can start from the search for a recipe, the preparation of ingredients and utensils.

4. Picnic with the kids during the summer

We pack up the home production from the previous proposal and go on a family picnic. The kids really enjoy outdoor activities. Even if it is only in a nearby square, it is more than enough for them..

5. Ice cream party

An ice cream in summer is one of the greatest pleasures there is, both for adults and children. In this case, we suggest that you buy various flavours, cereals, chocolate chips, fruits and other foods that you can use to decorate. This way, They set up an ice-cream parlour at home and the kids are entertained.

6. Summer crafts with children

Crafts never fail and are the best allies of adults to spend the holidays. They can gather cardboard, paper, paper, wool, fabric scraps and buy paints and leaves so that the children have materials to work with.


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