Children's games at a birthday party

Potato sack race

On your marks, get set, race! Start the game by lining up the little runners in their sacks and blow the whistle. Whoever jumps across the finish line first wins. If you don't have potato sacks on hand, little ones can hop in used pillowcases or drawstring laundry bags.


Explode the tunes and play a game of how low you can go in limbo. Lower the limbo stick lower and lower until the last player swings under the limbo stick. A limbo stick can be made of anything: PVC pipes, a pool float or even a broom (as long as it has some style!).


Bingo is the perfect game to relax the kids after a day of mischief. Add a personal touch by printing out empty bingo cards so you can personalise the game with questions related to the birthday boy or girl.

Treasure hunt

Hide written clues around the house or backyard to guide the little ones to the buried treasure. You can be as cryptic or direct as you like.

Hide and seek

On budget and on time? Add a few rounds of hide and seek to your child's party game agenda. Kick things up a notch by playing a round of hide and seek. If a player is found, the finder will have to tag them to be next.


A game where all children can love the end. Blindfold each child and see who can break the piñata with a bat or broomstick. Once it's broken, watch as the children dive in to grab handfuls of their favourite sweets and toys. Plus, piñatas are perfect for incorporating the theme of your party.

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