How to dress for a wedding

You pick out a dress you love, rent the perfect dinner jacket or wear the suit or bridesmaid dress your best friend lovingly selected for you to wear as you support them on their big day.

Think twice before wearing head-to-toe black.

In most cultures, black is reserved for mourning. You may think black is elegant, perhaps black is even your favourite colour, but if you are going to a wedding that is more traditional in nature or if you know the couple is more conservative, black could be seen as an odd choice.

Avoid wearing white

This advice probably goes without saying, but the only person wearing a white dress at a wedding should be the bride. No matter how much you love white, avoid wearing it to someone else's wedding unless you want to get dirty looks and even a few tears.

Respect the dress code

It is up to each couple to determine how they want their wedding to look, and some choose to think outside the box by asking guests to wear a specific style of dress or choose clothes in a specific colour. These are usually revealed on the wedding invitations, so guests have the opportunity to plan ahead.

Remember that you are the supporting cast, not the star.

It's best to avoid outfits with flashy details like long tails, tall hats and tons of sequins, although hats are totally fine if you're attending a UK wedding or somehow got an invitation to Royal I dos.

Dress appropriately and consider the location

For a beach wedding, wear shoes that won't sink into the sand and consider the heat when deciding between wool or linen suits. For winter weddings, make sure you have warm clothes or a coat to wear over your smart attire in case you have to wait in line to enter the venue or the carpool is not temperature controlled.

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