Decoration for a Christmas table

Candles and lights

For cosy light, natural and unscented candles are ideal. Choose in different sizes. They can be placed in golden lumens to diffuse a soft light and make glass and cutlery sparkle.

Ideal tableware for Christmas parties

In order to make your Christmas table shine, it is advisable to choose white tableware and transparent glassware (glasses, jugs, pitchers). Because these neutral tones are perfect for a vegetable theme.

Wine glasses as candlesticks

Wine glasses are really good candlesticks. They are the right height and size for tea lights. If you have tea lights in clear plastic containers, you can put them in the wine glass just like that.

Use ornaments as napkin rings

Christmas tree decorations, such as figurines or light bulbs, make excellent plate decorations.

Hang a wreath on the wall or in the window

If you have a wreath, hang it over the buffet or in front of the window to add a bit of Christmas decoration to the vertical surfaces.

Christmas table centrepiece

Painted mason jars and all your favourite Christmas decorations. This centrepiece is sure to be the centre of attention among your guests.

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