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How to independently organise a wedding celebration that delights and delights your guests and, at the same time, does not overpay? This question worries many couples who are getting married - where to start and what to pay special attention to? These and other questions are answered by our experts.


Before you start organising a holiday, you should think in detail about your plan of action, as hasty decisions are fraught not only with frustrated nerves, but also with additional costs. first of all, he advises making a checklist . Before composing it, don't take any action, because any process consists of successive steps, rearrange one or two and the picture starts to crumble. "The first thing I would advise is to make a checklist . Because many people start, for example, sending out invitations before they have approved the concept with the decorator. But you can prescribe a palette, additional information about the wedding, a hashtag, and so on. And once the guys forgot to light the wedding cake in the cost estimate, and for 60 people is quite a decent amount. As you can see, if in the first case, the newlyweds faced additional questions from guests that could have been avoided, in the second, they faced quite real financial damage.

Organiser Tu Sasha

"Based on the checklist, you can see your wedding as if from the outside (which is sometimes very difficult for brides), present it as a unique project, understand what to do. For the organiser, the image develops by itself, the thing is also in the experience," Sasha continues. "Based on the checklist, an estimate is made: it is better to start a Google Drive, give a link to the groom and all those involved, so that they can always make edits together. Having made a general estimate, you can understand that the same budget amount can be distributed in different ways. Next, in the estimate, you should highlight what is important for you, for your partner.

Why are you getting married at all? There are no wrong answers here, it's all very individual. Think about what is your partner's "trick"? Sometimes the answer is on the surface, sometimes it's not, but it definitely is! How will this wedding differ from hundreds of others? The fact that it's yours, so highlight it, individuality is the trend.

Scale and time of celebration

One of the main principles of budget optimisation, as well as facilitating the organisational process, is of course to reduce the guest list. Think about who you really want to see at the wedding, cross off all those who you "must" call because your parents or relatives say so.

Nowadays, chamber weddings are becoming more and more popular also because the family atmosphere and the warmth of human relations are becoming one of the main wedding trends. Being in the eternal news noise, more and more couples prefer emotional comfort on such an important day as a wedding. The Mermaid Art team talks about the main nuances of organising a chamber event.

So, first of all: the sooner you start preparing, the better. Even with an organiser, it takes 4 months or more to prepare well for a small event. "If you have the opportunity to hire an event coordinator, it's best not to miss it, as it will make life much easier for you and your guests on the day itself".

Talking about guests. Try to understand what kind of guests will be at the celebration and, depending on this, choose a host or just a DJ. Sometimes the guests know each other so well that the need for a host disappears by itself, and sometimes, on the contrary, you need a person to get everyone in an uproar. The role of the holiday host is hard to overestimate, so choose a professional!

Share and... make life easier for everyone - Paraphrasing famous words, we add two more tips that will help you organise a wedding that everyone will remember with joy. Firstly, separate the painting at the registry office and the celebration. "Then, the holiday will be more cozy and memorable, and there will be no burden on the time, which will greatly facilitate the independent organization. Secondly, if possible, divide the areas on the site so that those who are tired have the opportunity to move away from the noise to a secluded place and vice versa.

Most of the time, independent brides make mistakes in the moment, continues planner Sasha Mozgel. "Don't plan to get up early, the wedding day is very hectic and active. If the registry office and reception are planned for the same day, and you want guests to be present at the registry office, choose a comfortable time, an hour or two before the reception, depending on the route. Calculate the transportation logistics by taking into account the traffic jams you and your guests may get into. For many couples, the ideal time is: meetings, an outdoor ceremony and a reception in the same place, without unnecessary fuss and movement, take note, the organisation will also be simplified".

Budget and equipment selection

Of course, one of the main concerns of all couples is how not to overpay? In this you will always be helped by an experienced organiser, who not only knows how to correctly compose the light, allocate the budget and optimise it, but is also able to advise really proven specialists, who will guarantee the result, and they, in turn, will offer services at completely different prices. However, if you still continue your independent journey towards the perfect wedding, wedding planner Oksana Kurtova advises to prioritise when budgeting, i.e. to highlight the main "desires".

"Never do the decoration yourself! It's like building a house for the first time: it will be demolished. If the budget is only for an outdoor ceremony, then just do it. Don't 'blot' the budget for all areas. "

Now it is time to move on to more specific details. Photographer Ksenia Chernaya points out: "We have to start somewhere. Whether it's a dress, a photographer, a restaurant, a place to register on the site. Something that is extremely spiritual. It is much easier to start from something specific than from scratch. You can also find contractors along the chain. Arrange a personal meeting with photographers you like. It is completely free and very useful. Besides the fact that in one conversation it will become clear whether this or that professional is right for you, you will receive information on how best to plan your wedding day, what to look for to save time on moving, contacts of make-up artists, designers, videographers, wedding venues, etc. ".

Photographer Ksenia Chernaya

Photographer Ksenia Chernaya

Sasha Mozgel points out that decorative elements can be used twice: "For example, an arch for an outdoor ceremony can become a night-time photo zone! You can light sparklers there together with the guests, you can cut the cake or say the answer to your guests, light the family hearth. And you can make a sparkling finale with cold fountains, a fraer show or fireworks: the photos will be amazing!

Choosing the venue and the wedding team are the most important stages in the preparation. Oksana Kurtova advises: "Make a short list of all venues and a list of questions for them. Meet with the representatives in person. Next is the selection of the team. Reviews and portfolio : the first stage of selection. The second is a personal meeting. The third is a contract, it should be mandatory. Don't risk being left on the day of the celebration without a specialist, as they took the floor". Olga also advises you to think about who among your relatives can help you. Who will control the contractors and solve force majeure situations. Prepare envelopes with payment in advance.

What cannot be saved

You have drawn up a budget and started to choose specialists who will create your holiday. Perhaps at some point you are visited by the same thought: "What if we save here or here"? Such thoughts are quite normal, but there are specialists who cannot be saved in any case, because they will simply ruin your whole holiday and your memories. Guess what we are talking about first? We are talking about a photographer and a videographer. The photographer is the key to creating your holiday memories because the photos will stay with you for the rest of your life. Want to revisit bad shots? The same applies to the videographer: if you decide you want to shoot a wedding film, choose the one who will do it with style, quality and, most importantly, atmospheric.

The second specialist on our list is a make-up stylist. Yes, yes, doing your own make-up or asking a bride to do it yourself is not the best idea, because your make-up and hairstyle are unlikely to last the whole wedding day. But your image will be tested not only by wind and other weather phenomena, but also by kisses, hugs and tears. Remember that all make-up and hairstyle imperfections will be saved in the photo and video - don't skimp on your emotions and memories!

The host is the third hero on our list. As we wrote above, if you really want to invite a host to a wedding, then he or she should just be a professional! Oksana Kurtova also adds that if the host becomes your main assistant, make sure to say all the important points for you.

Studio Special Events WEDDING KURTOVA

The Bloom Bride wedding studio adds another element that cannot be skimped on: the wedding cake. The highlight of the show should not only be beautiful, but also tasty, right? "Unfortunately, the cake in your photo doesn't always match what you get. That's why choosing a cake maker is just as important as choosing a good stylist. We strongly recommend using the services of professionals. Who has taste and appearance in perfect harmony. Pay special attention to the discussion of the delivery of the cake to the venue. Ideally that the transport of the cake be fast and refrigerated.. We once rescued a cake that couldn't survive a hot and shivering day on the road. All went well, but it is better to foresee such moments in advance.

Useful tips

Oksana Kurtova remembers that if you are planning a show programme, the most important thing is its atmosphere. All performances should be a logical continuation of the celebration - don't forget to check the reviews!

Oksana also advises to rehearse the ceremony. Invite your parents and close friends. This will help you not to worry on your wedding day that something will not go as planned. And loved ones, knowing the nuances, will always help in the process of the ceremony.

Always have a plan B in case of unexpected weather conditions. For example, check with the site management whether it will be possible to move the banquet indoors in case of rain.

You can also reduce your wedding costs by getting the date and season right: by avoiding "beautiful" dates, Saturdays and peak wedding season, you can significantly reduce the cost of certain services, sometimes the price difference can be as much as 50%.

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