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Original gifts for Christmas

Preparing for the holidays and choosing gifts is a very tedious task. After all, you always want to surprise the recipient, give them something unusual that corresponds to the theme of the celebration. Save time and nerves by taking note of the following tips.

Christmas star or poinsettia. An indoor plant that flowers right at the end of December and flowering lasts up to 7 weeks. This is a very good Christmas gift idea.

The flower has a spectacular appearance and its flowers actually resemble stars. This is a perennial plant, if properly cared for, it will please the eye for more than a year.

Christingle. In some countries, this product is a mandatory holiday attribute. Literally, "Luz de Cristo" translates as "Light of Christ". Preparing such a surprise is very simple.

To do this, use an orange, which symbolises our planet. The centre of the fruit is cleaned and a candle is inserted there, it should light the way, like the love of the Creator. Four sticks with sweets are attached to the sides.

Christmas music box-carousel. The souvenir has an original design, so it causes delight and admiration, it goes back to the distant childhood, when we all waited with great impatience for this magical holiday. The carousel will not only serve as a beautiful decoration, but will also provide a thematic soundtrack.

Useful Christmas gift ideas

Granted, when choosing a gift, many people think about whether it will be useful. After all, I want to give a gift not just "for show", but to bring benefits. The following options will help you finalise your purchase.

Jewellery decoration. For example, a cross or a ring with the inscription "Save and keep". If possible, it is better to present gold items, they will look quite appropriate.

For the Magi, the first to hear of the birth of the Son of God, brought him gifts, including gold. This is the perfect Christmas gift if you want to give to a loved one.

Rotating LED bulb. It creates an atmosphere of magic. This is a good idea to buy a gift for Christmas, as it is a holiday of joy, a day when it is necessary to treat yourself to pleasant emotions.

A motor is integrated in the bulb, thanks to which it rotates all the time. It can be screwed to a normal base or plugged into a socket with a special adapter.

Monastery tea. A drink that has gained recognition for its beneficial properties. It tastes amazing and has a positive effect on the whole body. Alternatively, you can give a set of high quality tea or coffee as a gift; this gift will come in handy on cold winter evenings.

The herbs that make up its composition may vary, but there is always rose hips, elecampane, oregano, hypericum. Each of the components makes this tea truly healing, relieving many ailments, so it can be presented as a Christmas gift.

Symbolic gifts for Christmas

Since this holiday is full of deep meaning, many people treat it with special concern. And they are very worried, because they do not know what is customary to give at Christmas. The tradition of gift giving has been going on since the birth of the baby Jesus.

It was then that the Magi brought him myrrh, gold and frankincense as gifts. If you also want to emphasise the importance of the holidays, give the recipient one of the proposed gifts.

Christmas candle. This is not just something designed to maintain a festive atmosphere. The gift has a deep meaning. First of all, the candle symbolises the Star of Bethlehem (the phenomenon thanks to which the Magi learned of the birth of the baby Jesus).

It also means the victory of light over darkness. So if you don't know what to give as a Christmas present, give a beautifully decorated candle.

Bell. Another obligatory symbol of Christmas. A pleasant, melodious ringing bears witness to the joyful news: the birth of Jesus Christ. In addition, bells can symbolise the beginning of worship. Nowadays they decorate the Christmas tree, the doors of houses, they are hung indoors. In addition, the bell is an ideal "instrument" for carols and carols.

Santon.  A miniature clay figure representing a biblical character. This is the best gift for Christmas if you want to give something memorable.

The products were first produced in France (Provence) in 1800, but modern craftsmen still adhere to traditional technology and paint each figure by hand. The products can be used as interior decoration or to complement the Christmas crib.

Christmas gift options for children

All children are looking forward to their Christmas presents. The holidays are filled with a special atmosphere in which miracles and magic reign. With the help of the following gifts, everyone will be able to believe in a fairy tale, remember old traditions, relive pleasant memories, cherished dreams in their memory.

If you don't know what gifts to give children at Christmas, choose any gift from the list and you are guaranteed exclamations of joy.

Candy cane decorated with a red ribbon. The tradition of giving such sweets to children dates back to 1670, when a pastor was very excited by the children's behaviour during the Christmas service.

To somehow calm them down, he gave the children candy in the shape of a stick, which was supposed to remind them of the shepherds who came to visit little Jesus. The candy is also believed to be shaped like the letter "J". This is the first letter of Jesus' name, translated from English (Jesus).

Musical bracelet. Such a gift for any child will look like real magic. This is a fashion accessory with which you can create your own music.

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