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Children's books and stories for the little ones.

An important part of children's learning is the early introduction to literature, thanks to which their curiosity and interest in books as carriers of something fascinating and interesting will be born and will introduce them to the world of fantasy, greatly enriching their imagination. Children's stories and books for the youngest children help us to awaken their sensitivity, without forgetting their playful and didactic character.

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Stories should be adapted to the age of the children, taking into account the characteristics of the children so that they are appropriate.

  • 0-3 years: it is important that the stories are resistant and if possible washable. Images and drawings should also predominate, which can be accompanied by small texts, as at this age the adult will mainly be the narrator of the story, although we can also introduce books with different textures and materials in which it is the child who discovers and investigates them.
  • "What does the moon taste like?" (0-3 years)
  • 3-4 years: it is important to read them with a high tone of voice, gesticulate with exaggeration, change tones of voice, even look 'ridiculous' while reading; this will make them laugh and they will associate books with fun. It is also interesting to introduce books that deal with emotions, as at this stage children are going through many changes and stories are an excellent tool for them to learn to manage what they feel and even help them to calm down in moments of frustration or anger.
  • "The colour monster" (4 years old)
  • 4-5 years: in general, at this age the youngest children are beginning to read on their own. The books should be eye-catching and with lots of images that are not abstract, and the accompanying text should be short and coherent with the illustrations. A good idea is to buy them books of their favourite films or television programmes, this will motivate their taste for reading or another option is short stories, as they are affordable, varied and they will feel happy and motivated when they finish them.
  • "The pirate's treasure"(5years)

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