Japanese RPGs to give as gifts

Japanese RPGs to give as gifts

Welcome Japanese RPGs to give away. We hope above all that whoever reads it will like it and find it useful.

Japanese RGP concept

The RPG concept refers to a type of adventure video game. It allows the player to take on the role of one or several characters in the course of a quest that will make him/her evolve through combat and equipment. Exploration and various quests are also an important part of this type of game.

In this article from Japanese RPGs to give as a gift, we will mention some of the video games of this genre that are currently on sale in Spain and that you should not miss out on playing.

The legend of heroes: Trails from zero

After three years away from his hometown, Lloyd Bannings returns to follow in his late brother's footsteps and join the Crossbell Police Department. Upon arrival, he is assigned along with Elie MacDowell, the mayor's granddaughter, Randy Orlando, a womanising ex-soldier, and Tio Plato, a young tech genius, to the Special Support Section, a new division dealing with smaller tasks and demands.

Although his department is laughed at by the media and despised by the rest of the police, Lloyd and his team continue to fight to make Crossbell a better place.

trails from zero

The legend of Zelda: Link's awakening

After a storm in the middle of the sea, Link finds himself stranded on the mysterious island of Cocolint. To get home, he will have to fight his way through difficult dungeons and terrifying monsters.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Aionios, a world that is home to two nations, Keves and Agnus, which meet in a constant war. Six soldiers from these two sides will meet in the middle of this war, and will question the value of time and life as their adventure progresses. 

xenoblade chronicles

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