Japanese light novels to give as gifts

Japanese light novels to give as gifts

Welcome Japanese light novels to give away. We hope that those who read it will like it and find it useful.

Concept of light novel

The term "light novel" comes from the simplicity of Japanese novels and the direct way in which the author tells the story. They are essentially books that contain illustrations on some pages, and are divided into several volumes of between 100 and 300 pages.

In this article of Japanese light novels to give as gifts, we will mention some titles of this genre that are currently sold in Spain and that you should not miss.

Re:Zero: Starting from scratch in a different world

Subaru Natsuki is suddenly summoned to another world while returning from shopping at a shop. In this new world, he saves a mysterious and beautiful silver-haired girl. After helping her in her search for an object that has been stolen, they are attacked and lose their lives. Suba discovers in this way that once he dies he starts at the starting point, and from here on, he will try his best to save the girl from death and protect her.

re zero

Sword Art Online progressive

It is told from the perspective of Asuna Yuuki as she enters the deadly Sword Art online game and meets Kirito, a lone player, whom she joins in order to free both herself and the other players in the game. We will see how the sentimental relationship between these two characters develops and even leads them to meet in real life.

Your name

Mitsuha Miyamizu wishes to be a Tokyo boy in her next life, as she is tired of rural life in Itomori. Mysteriously, her wish will come true, and she will start exchanging her body with Taki Tachibana, so that both of them will have to learn to live and interact socially with people and situations hitherto unknown to them.

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