Your baby's gender reveal party

It is a trend of American origin that is spreading its influence to all those who are going to be a mother. It can be a perfect party to meet up with your friends or family to celebrate the news that your baby is a boy or a girl and a beautiful memory for life. If you want ideas on how to organise this party in a way that will surprise the mother, then take a look at our ideas on how to organise a baby reveal party.

The first thing to do is to organise the best day for this celebration and one tip is to do it after the ultrasound, where you will pass the information on to your partner or a trusted friend.

Invitation to employees

Plan how many guests you want to come to the party, whether family or friends, through a light-hearted invitation process, such as through a letter, invitation or email, especially so you know who can come.

Party theme

An idea of the theme you use for the party, apart from pink and blue, which is the most basic colour, you can be more creative by using themes such as bows, glitter, streamers, etc.

Choose the way in which you want gender disclosure.

In addition to the most common, which is by popping a balloon and having the pink/blue confetti come out (available in our shop and website), there are more creative options to find out the sex of your baby, either by a cake (with neutral coloured icing on the outside and pink/blue on the inside) or with a box full of pink/blue balloons. There are many ways you can celebrate in a special way.

Fun activities at a sex-revealing party

You can base the games on some of the same games as the baby shower games. Some examples of these games could be:

        • The price is right.
        • Complete that nursery rhyme.
        • Piñata.
        • Painting mum's tummy.
        • Put the dummy in the baby's mouth.
        • Old wives' tales.

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