Blow out the candles and happy birthday!

Once a year you will find yourself blowing out candles to celebrate another birthday. We blow out the candles, make a wish, and our guests sing or tune out the happy birthday.

Although blowing out candles is a very old custom, it was the Germans in the 18th century who began to celebrate birthdays as we do today, i.e. to commemorate the birth of a child they placed two candles on a cake. It was called the "Kinderfest".

One of the candles symbolised the light of his life and the other referred to the years to come.

Nowadays we have a wide variety of candles to decorate our birthday cake.

There are the traditional coloured candles that we place at the rate of one for each year. Of course, you have to have good lungs to blow them out if you are getting on in years.

But you can also opt for a host of more original proposals, such as, emoticon candles ¡, candles with emoticons, letter candles, etc. happy birthdayThe candles, or candles in fun shapes, such as lollipop candles, will give your birthday cake a fun look.

In our shop you will find the option that most appeals to you, so now you know: make a wish, blow out the candles... And may you have many more!

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