Top 3 Steam co-operative games to give as gifts

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Steam's game library is packed with so many games that it would take a long time to play each and every one of them. Being on PC, Steam can be more accessible than the latest consoles, and its games are released regularly.

1. Overcooked Series

The series Overcooked is all about coordinating with your friends and racing against the clock to get things done. You have to work as a team to prepare different types of dishes for hungry customers, and although it may sound simple, the steps become more complex with each stage - shouting at each other during the chaos is part of the fun!

Up to three friends can join you in Overcooked. The first game only offers couch co-op, but All You Can Eat and Overcooked 2 have local and online co-op options.

2. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is another game made for multiple players, specifically those who enjoy puzzle solving and fancy themselves as good communicators. The person with the bomb is the deactivator, while everyone else is an expert. These experts have to instruct the deactivator on how to disarm the bomb. The trick? The experts cannot see the bomb.

3. It Takes Two

As the title suggests, It Takes Two was made specifically for cooperation between you and another person. The story of the game follows two characters whose relationship is on the verge of collapse, and you and your friend control one of those characters. You have to help each other get from place to place with special abilities, and work together to complete the chapters in this challenging platformer. It Takes Two lets you play co-op locally and online - you can download the free Friend's Pass so that two people can play online, even if only one of them owns the game. See other articles.

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