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Too much stress and too little time is a daily phenomenon in our society today. We constantly believe that we cannot do everything we set out to do. But: proper time management is the key. That's why we've brought you these tips to better manage your time  

The day has only 24 hours. In our opinion, it is too short to do everything that needs to be done. Tasks pile up on our desk and every day it seems simply impossible to conquer the mountain.

The result: stress. According to the 2017 Swiss Health Survey, 21% of all Swiss workers often feel stressed at work. The Federal Statistical Office conducts this survey every five years. In 2012, this figure was still 18%. There is a significant difference among 15-29 year olds: The number of stressed people in this age group increased from 19% to 25%.

Often, however, the problem is not lack of time, but mismanagement of time. Once you get the hang of organisation, you will be able to do everything you set out to do. Here are some tips on how to manage your time better.

1. Make a to-do list
Making a list every morning of all the things you want to do will help you to have an overview. In this way, you take care of your goals - short and long term - every day.

2. Setting priorities
Once the list of tasks has been written, highlight the tasks that need to be done. Set priorities. Only then will you be able to do the most important things. But be careful not to take on too much. Make it three things each day that you work on. And: Start with the most difficult task.

3. No multitasking
Even if you are good at multitasking, it is better not to try to multitask. It is much more productive to concentrate on one thing.

4. Routines

If we always do something at the same time, it makes our daily work easier. Routines help us to be more organised and to work faster.

5. Set a deadline

Here's a tip for all perfectionists: you don't have to do everything perfectly, because you usually don't have the time. Therefore, set yourself a deadline for everything you do. This helps you to finish something, even if it is not yet perfect.

Read on for our tips on how to manage your time better. 

6. Take breaks

Even if you are one of those people who like to work through: Breaks are a must. If you don't take a short break, you will tire more quickly. After all, there comes a time when your body can't take it any more and your concentration wanes. It therefore makes sense to consciously plan breaks to recharge your batteries.

7. Order as a basis

If you don't have order in your life, you can't work with a clear head. Therefore: de-clutter your life! Make sure your workplace is tidy, but also your home in general. Get rid of ballast and keep only what you really need. This way you not only eliminate possible distractions, but also create peace.

8. Plan meals in advance

Eating healthy requires not only discipline, but also a lot of time. Shopping and cooking take up a lot of valuable time, which you can manage better with proper planning. Always think in advance about what you want to eat during the week. Plan your main meals in advance. You will be nimble and deliberate when shopping on the shelves. You will also spend less time cooking.

9. Saying no from time to time

If the tasks are already piling up, don't take on more. It can be hard, but you have to say no from time to time. Those around you will understand.

10. accept help

Pride often gets in the way: if you are offered help, you should accept it. Handing over tasks creates more time and space for other things. Once you start doing it, you will soon realise how much good it can do to give up.

11. optimise the means

Exercise is good for you, but every step you take is more time you could spend doing something else. So think carefully about what errands you could combine. If you go shopping in town, think carefully about what you need beforehand. You don't want to have to go back there the next day. And: if you have to take the bus in the morning, you can take your rubbish with you. That way you kill two birds with one stone.

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