Learn how to create the best invitation cards


The first thing to make sure is that your invitation copy is inspiring and elegant. It is good to use an elegant font from the many options available.

Find a design you love

Making your perfect photo card starts with finding the right design. Look for something that matches your occasion, theme, guests of honour and style. Then you can personalise the look with your choice of photo or photos.


Consider colour psychology when choosing the theme and colour palette of your online invitation. Certain colours make people feel calm and relaxed, while others generate joy and excitement. Depending on the type of event you are promoting, use a combination of different shades and colours that contrast well with each other.


The design or template you choose should go well with the theme of the event you are promoting. If you are using an online platform or tool to create an online invitation, check their different pricing packages and which one makes the most sense for your purpose.

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