how to organise a baby shower

The meaning of baby showers

Baby shower is translated and understood as "children's party". although the literal translation is "baby shower". In Spain, for example, it is not called "baby party" but also "baby shower", without the need to translate the meaning of these words into English.

Normally this celebration is the mother's wish and is organised by the mother herself or, failing that, by someone close to the mother-to-be who wants to surprise her with such a special event in which both she and her child will be the protagonists. . In addition, the The purpose of this type of party is to have a good time for everyone and their guests.

Baby shower with snacks



How to organise a baby shower

When organising a baby shower, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the party perfect. So, with good organisation, everything will run smoothly and therefore, below you can find some tips on how to make everything perfect. With the following tips in mind, you will be more at ease from the moment you think about having this event and you will know that everything will be perfect.

Select date, place and time

Think about where you want it to be, a place and a time where your guests can have a good time. Ideally, this should be done when the mother is 7 to 8 months pregnant. It also gives you time to think about the gifts you want to receive at the party and make a list to guide the guests.

The location will depend on your budget. It can be your home, a hotel, a restaurant with private rooms... Choose the option you like the most, but above all, the one you can afford without throwing your hands over your head afterwards.


Define the guest list

It is important to know who you want to invite to your baby shower so that it is a special party and only the most important people are there for you. Don't invite people you don't want to be or don't get along with, it doesn't make sense.

Determine your budget

You need to set a budget for a baby shower so that you know how much money you can spend on small details for your guests, snacks for everyone, decorations... Don't want to spend more than you have Otherwise, instead of enjoying the event, you will only feel anxious.

baby shower invitations

Invitations can be arbitrarily original. You can spend part of the budget to make them look nice, for example, a graphic designer will make them for you. Or, if not, you can send them by email or whatsapp and save on that.

Ideally, your guests should receive it at least a month before the party. This way, they will have time to plan and be present, as well as the opportunity to buy a gift in time.

Plan the details

Plan the details, the food, what you need to buy, drinks, games so guests don't get bored... Organise activities to create a flow of fun and keep everyone entertained all the time. When guests start arriving, you can allow about 30 minutes for drinks and food, and then, when everyone is present, start the activity. Serve the meal by opening the gifts and then don't forget dessert and coffee.

baby shower ideas

Below we will give you ideas so that you can enjoy a fabulous baby shower. So that both you and your guests can enjoy it and turn it into a great memory. If you're running out of ideas, don't miss the following:

  • Bring a signature book so guests can leave you a nice comment.
  • Create a dedicated party library that talks about motherhood to clear up any doubts!
  • Don't forget to have healthy snacks, even if you have a sweet tooth, there will be guests who will prefer to watch their line-up!
  • But don't forget the sweet...
  • Soft drinks are your choice, but for your guests you can order alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, so everyone has a choice, but drink responsibly!
  • Drinks can be quite fun, how about pouring them into bottle-shaped containers instead of regular glasses?
  • Take the time to tell guests the details. They will be buying gifts for your child and for you, so it's a good idea to prepare some small things for them too. They will feel special and will leave your party very happy - personalise different for men and women or the same for everyone!

Other good ideas include play games You can also make a special baby shower cake or think about how to decorate it individually.

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