Gift ideas for guests

1. Gifts for weddings, baptisms and communions

Nothing better than an organic and handcrafted detail to thank your guests for their attendance on that special day. You choose the product and the label and we make sure your guests never forget your event.

2. Gifts for celebrations

Inaugurations, company dinners, Christmas gifts, anniversaries... all the celebrations you can think of are a good time to give a sustainable and handmade gift and surprise the attendees.

3. Miniatures for hotels and cottages

Because we know how much you love it take care of your customers and make them feel at home. Keep the little details in mind to make bath time an experience too.

4. Personalised T-shirts

A personalised T-shirt with whatever you can imagine: the name of each guest, a phrase that defines them, the verse of a song or the text of a poem. Nowadays you can print almost anything and in the market you can find different models, typographies and designs of women's t-shirts for weddings but also for men and, of course, for the little ones.

5. Handmade candles

Candles are one of those gifts that never go out of fashion and are always popular. They are beautiful and have a wonderful smell. My advice for a surprise is to buy them from a local artisan who loves details.

6. Personalised mugs

The personalised mugs with funny phrases or with the names or initials of each guest is one of the most popular gifts. They are perfect for breakfasts or snacks with a message.

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