Easter games to have fun with the family

Peep War

Give two players a small packet of Peeps and a basket of empty Easter eggs. Have each player stand at either end of a table and place their Peeps along the edge of the table (within 2 inches of the end of the table).

Swinging In The Spring

Give one member of each team a small bouquet of fake silk flowers. Another team member should throw a plastic Easter egg from a designated "pitching" line, and the first player should try to hit the egg with the flowers (as in baseball).

Easter Egg 500

This game is played in a similar way to the normal 500 game (instructions can be found in my outdoor games publication). Give everyone playing an Easter basket, except for one player who will be the first to throw. Give them a bucket full of plastic Easter eggs.

Egg Search Relay

Hide plastic eggs as you would for an Easter egg hunt, making sure there are enough eggs hidden for each player playing.

Easter Flour Mix

This game plays like a water balloon toss (one of my favourite water games) but with plastic Easter eggs that are filled with flour. Start by filling large Easter eggs with flour, one per team - I also recommend taping the holes if your eggs have holes in the top and bottom!

Easter Egg Balancing Act

This is another team game! Divide into pairs of two and give each pair a large basket of plastic Easter eggs of all shapes and sizes.

Juggling with Jelly Beans

In this game, the aim is for the best first person to get three sets (one set = three jelly beans of the same colour), and it is played a bit like the card game Spoons.

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