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When children turn 18, we have to accept that they are already adults. We understand that real adulthood is still a long way off, but our offspring don't think so. Especially boys. And, perhaps, the most reasonable thing to do would be to agree with your child and start a dialogue on an equal footing, if you haven't already moved on to this kind of interaction. Well, we don't blog about psychology, we just picked a gift. Gift for adult child.

As a rule, at the age of 18, a person receives training in a specialised higher or secondary educational institution (or is conscripted into a military unit). All doors are open to him, he attracts knowledge with enthusiasm, acquires useful skills, makes many new friends and at the same time manages to have a good time. Someone else lives with his parents, someone in a hostel and someone in a rented flat. Everyone has their own passions, hobbies, habits and preferences. And all this we will take into account when choosing a gift.

How to choose a birthday present for your child

Very simple! Focusing on your lifestyle, character, habits and preferences.

  • study As we know, learning at this age is the most important thing. Therefore, something related to the profile theme will definitely work. But it is not necessary to build on the faculty where your child studies. Maybe he wanted to learn something else, like playing a musical instrument. Or sign up for some language courses, or take driving lessons.
  • Interests and hobbies How does your child spend his free time? Does he participate in sports? Does he like to read books? Maybe something to collect? Does he love music? What TV programmes does he watch? Knowing a person's interests opens up an unlimited range of possible gifts. And you probably know a lot about your child's hobbies.
  • Image and style . Chances are you know your child's clothing size, as well as the accessories he or she wears. Whether he likes to wear various bracelets and chains, watches, you probably know that too. Just don't give her clothes and accessories if you know there's a gulf between your views on style and you can't guess exactly what she'll like. You don't want what you donated to never come out of the wardrobe.


  • rest If the birthday boy loves to relax in nature with friends, you can safely give him accessories such as a tent, a folding table with chairs, a cooler bag or a barbecue set. If he prefers outdoor activities, then new skis, a snowboard, a football or other sports equipment, depending on his hobbies. And someone simply, for example, goes to the cinema. By the way, more about that in the next paragraph.

Barbecue set "Standard" with skewers


  • printouts At 18, everything is perceived with clarity and freshness. We think you remember your 18th birthday: how fun and interesting you were. The more impressions we have at this time, the more pleasant memories we will have in adulthood. Concerts, hikes, trips, extreme sports: everything you will probably remember, if not for life, then for a long time.
Armin van Buuren Live at Ultra Music Festival


  • sports Many young people play sports, and this is a very good thing. If your child also belongs to the category of athletes, then a sports gift will please him. And someone prefers not to participate, but to follow sporting events. For amateurs and fans there are also a lot of options.
teenager playing hockey


  • intelligence The erudite know-it-alls, bookworms and the curious will never turn down an interesting book, an informative excursion or anything new in the field of high-tech. Training courses, master classes, etc. can also be useful. There are also various puzzles, construction sets for adults and toys that will interest your child.

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