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Often you have to give something bought in haste, lost in doubt: will you like it, will it be necessary? No pleasure. Even for a close friend, choose a worthy surprise can be difficult: for example, I almost always guess wrong and prefer to "get off" with gift certificates.

For those who still want to please with an individual gift, we have made a large selection of interesting ideas on what to give a friend for her birthday. It turned out more than 100 different options.

Three questions to help you think of a gift quickly

No fantasy? A little analysis will help to start an idea generator in your head. To do this, you need to ask yourself some questions.

1. What are your needs?

For example, a friend recently complained that her favourite frying pan had gone bad and her food had started to burn. Or did she leave her gloves in the taxi? Or maybe her regular wired headphones broke again and you've been trying to convince her for a year that wireless is cooler and more reliable?

Remember what you talked about recently, what you complained about or what you couldn't decide for a long time. Maybe you yourself noticed that something was missing in your life? It's time for a useful gift!

2. What are your dreams?

I'm sure she has shared her wishes with you more than once. For example, about the handbag of your dreams, for which money is a pity, or about going to the theatre to see your favourite play, or maybe you want to run a marathon, but don't dare? Try to make your dream come true!

3. What are your hobbies and activities in your free time?

A friend recently took up yoga, and now she needs a beautiful and comfortable mat? Or does she love houseplants so much that she will be delighted with a new green pet? Or does she travel a lot and lacks a good tripod or selfie stick to take great photos of her travels? Interests and hobbies are a treasure trove of great gift ideas for a friend.

What else to consider

  • their age: at 14 and 30, girls are impressed by different things, although there are exceptions;
  • an occasion: it is better to give good and necessary things for a birthday and, for example, a nice trifle is also suitable for 8 March;
  • lifestyle, field of activity and interests, so that the gift will definitely be pleasant and useful;
  • your budget - without it at all.

Such an analysis will work best if you write down everything point by point on a piece of paper, so that nothing gets lost. Don't forget to write down any ideas that come up.

Gifts by age

To choose a good gift for a girlfriend, you can analyse what other girls her age like and what is interesting.

A 10-14 year old girl is sure to be happy with something trendy, sparkly. Here's what she might like:

  • fanny pack or backpack made of terrycloth;
  • a set of transfer tattoos on the skin or nails;
  • a set of bobby pins and elastic hair bands;
  • hair chalk powder (you can temporarily dye the strands in bright colours);
  • kigurumi pyjamas (long overalls with hoods in the shape of funny animals);
  • a great set of markers for drawing;
  • set of chocolate bombs.

The list of options for 14-20 year old girls is growing: they are getting interested in gadgets, accessories, cosmetics and various nice things for beauty and body. Here are some ideas:

  • dreamcatchers;
  • jewellery organiser;
  • bright socks with a cool print;
  • passport/student/registration book cover (can be configured);
  • a set of cool stickers for a laptop/smartphone;
  • notepad/planner/sketchbook;
  • dry perfume;
  • LED selfie lamp;
  • glossy silicone keyboard cover.

Girls in their 20s and 30s lead an active lifestyle: they study at university or start working. Many exercise, take their first trips, go shopping and spend time with friends. They may find the following gifts useful:

  • brush for deep cleansing of the face;
  • compact humidifier;
  • board game:
  • sleep mask;
  • eye patches;
  • beautiful shopping bag;
  • magnetic task/habit/goal tracker on the refrigerator;
  • starry sky projector;
  • mini blender for smoothies;
  • leather belt;
  • a set of unusually shaped glasses (e.g. square or in the shape of a cola can).

At the age of 30-40 years, women tend to take better care of their health, begin to appreciate the comfort of home and enjoy the things that create it. Someone works hard, someone takes care of children and likes to relax well. Ideas for this age:

  • a bottle of good wine;
  • elegant wine glasses with a large volume;
  • orthopaedic pillow;
  • laptop stand;
  • branded umbrellas;
  • a set of masks;
  • cake turntable;
  • wooden furniture;
  • vitamin container;
  • stylish laptop bag;
  • sheets.

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