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Football is a mega-popular sports game, which is why almost every second man, man or boy calls himself a football player. It is important to remember this when choosing a gift for a representative of the stronger sex. If you do not know what to give a football player, follow our advice. They have many interesting gifts: useful, symbolic, funny, for adults and for young sports fans.


Economic gifts

Valuable gifts are not always appropriate. If you are not going for an anniversary or a wedding, but, for example, for a professional holiday, it is better to choose something inexpensive, but at the same time pleasant. Since we are looking for a gift for a footballer, it is worth giving preference to things related to his favourite game. It can be useful or simply interesting, uplifting items. Good ideas:

  • High quality football socks. Ordinary socks, even in the best and coolest packaging, will no longer surprise or please anyone. Gaiters are another matter, they will definitely come in handy for a football player, because they break very often during the game.
  • Reliable and expensive antiperspirant. In general, it is not very decent to give such things, and in another situation, this gift could be called fruitless. But for an athlete, high-quality sweat protection is very important and necessary, so a well-known person can be presented with an excellent antiperspirant.
  • Sports shower gel. This is also a very personal gift, but you can give such a cosmetic product to a loved one who is a football fan.

Modern technologies make it possible to decorate almost any object with an interesting image. If you are looking for an inexpensive gift for a football player, you can order a special mug for him with a picture of him in a sports uniform or another cool image. A plate with a thematic pattern will also be a nice surprise.

You can also apply a cool look to textiles. Buy a plain white T-shirt or another solid colour and decorate it with an unusual print. You can use a photo of the recipient, as well as draw a sketch yourself. If you are not good with visual arts, create a funny inscription, e.g. "The best football player in the world". Another idea is to put the logo of your favourite team on the jersey and the signature "This is where I will play".

Football souvenirs as gifts

A nice souvenir associated with your favourite sport is nice and will be a good reminder of a holiday, such as a birthday or World Football Day. Interesting ideas:

  • Sculpture of an athlete with a ball. It is desirable that it be a portrait-like figurine made from a photo of the recipient.
  • Glowing souvenir football. This is a useless but nice gift that reminds you of your favourite game.
  • Football keyring For example, in the shape of a ball or with the logo of your favourite club.
  • Cup in the shape of a football boot. To make the gift more interesting and unique, you can decorate it with a personalised engraving. Such a gift will show that you have spent time and effort looking for it, and that the recipient is really dear to you.
  • Goalkeeper with the ball" statuette. This is a nice gift for a person who is at the door during the game.
  • Crystal or glass figurine with a unique engraving. A great idea is to put a photo of the recipient in glass or crystal during the game or simply in sportswear.

Useful gifts that remind you of football

Practical gifts are always good, because the recipient will use it and remember it forever. Even better, if your gift to a football player will remind him of his favourite game. Good ideas:

  • Football bed linen. Painted fabric under the grass and with painted balls looks great. In addition, the logo of your favourite team or even a picture of all the players will be an excellent decoration for the bedding. Another great idea is a 3D representation of the ball hitting the net.
  • Football patterned squares. Warm and cosy blankets can also be decorated in the theme of the recipient's favourite game, with balls or team logos. A plaid in the shape of a football pitch with a cool, furry surface that resembles grass looks very interesting.
  • Cobija. They also come with a variety of images, including football images.
  • Soft slippers decorated with footballs or the logo of the idol team. Such a cosy gift will warm the feet of a beloved footballer and remind him of the holidays.
  • Souvenir spoon with the image of a ball and personalised engraving.

To please a football player, you can choose gifts related to sport in general. Great idea: a fitness wristband. It will help him track his activity during training and analyse its effectiveness. Also a good option is a sports bag for training.

Original gifts

A good gift for a football fan can be not only useful, serious, but also original, fun and cheerful. Our list of great gifts includes:

  • Beer helmet in the shape of a football. Even athletes sometimes drink beer, for example after the victory of their favourite team. The helmet will allow you to keep your hands free at the party and have fun with all your strength. If your player does not drink beer, you can insert cans with any other beverage into special holders.
  • Football pendant. He will remind everyone around him that he is a real football player in love with his sport.
  • Football encyclopaedia. They are different: serious and expensive, funny, humorous or small, with the most important information. Choose the one that is affordable for you and to the taste of the recipient.
  • Football ticket. Why not? Not a single football player will refuse to attend an exciting match. Just keep in mind that if the match will take place in another city, the ticket should be delivered well in advance so that the recipient can plan how to get there and make the most of the weekend.
  • Board sports game. If there is no time or opportunity to play on a real field, you can do it at home on the table.

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