best gifts for mountaineers

What to get a climber as a gift? What's the right gift for boulderers? We bring you eight foods that make your heart beat faster.

Whether it's a padded waistcoat, a stylish picnic knife on the wall or a chalk that will bring success to your project. With these climbing and bouldering gift ideas, you are guaranteed to have bright eyes and good times on the rock.

1 Picnic in Style - Rabbit Wooden Tattoo Knife

Most climbers have cheese on the menu, some meat, bread combined with fruit, nuts and chocolate when on the rock. Emmental cheese and the excellent Italian salami should be cut into small portions.

Recently made with style. The Deejo tattoo knife is available in a variety of beautiful designs: you are guaranteed to find the right item for your loved one.

wooden knife tattoo_deejo_gift boulder climber gift idea
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2 No more shivering when insuring: a monkey from Mountain Equipment

You know the situation: you stand at the foot of the wall with Grigri in your hand and, slowly but surely, the cold seeps into you. You start to shiver and freeze to death when it's your turn to stand up again. We have the best weapon against this problem: the Compressor Pant.

With these trousers, combined with a down jacket, you're guaranteed not to freeze. And thanks to the side zips along the entire length of the legs, they can even be worn on a rack on a multi-point track!

compressor pants_mountain gear - gift idea for bouldering climber
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3 Dry, dryer, dryest - Black Gold Chalk by Black Diamond

When it comes to justifying a failed climb, climbers have a thousand arguments: sweaty fingertips, unsuitable shoes, too much rough skin on the fingertips, etc.

At least the first excuse, sweaty fingertips, no longer applies, at the latest, with the use of magnesium black gold. Because Black Diamond's special magnesium black gold chalk contains 10 % upsalite, an extremely porous form of magnesium carbonate that absorbs twice as much moisture as other compounds.

Black gold chalk black diamond _gift for boulderer climber
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4 Small package, big heat output - Frostline West from Mountain Equipment

Another Mountain Gear product we don't want to hide from you: Frosty West. If you don't want to wear a normal down jacket, but still need warm clothing due to the high temperatures, a down jacket is a better option - Frosty West has a water-repellent outer material and weighs 71 grams!

Frostline West mountain equipment _gift for bouldering climber
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5 colours on the rock - LACRUX T-Shirt

The best climbing and bouldering photos are taken in bright clothing, recommended by a mountain sports photographer. Because anyone who wears black or brown is almost invisible in the photo. So get yourself a colourful LACRUX T-shirt: you have a lot of options.

lacrux t-shirt

6 Fresh bread every day - with the Omnia Camping oven

Have you ever baked bread on a gas cooker? We do! The longer you sleep away from the outside world, the more you miss fresh bread. With Omnia you can bake fresh bread every day.

omnium furnace
Omnia gas cooker
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7 Warm and Covid Compatible - Neck Tube by UYN

Whether we like it or not, they have become an integral part of everyday life: face masks, public masks or whatever they are called. For those who are going to sit on the board, we recommend a well thought-out combination of a neck tube (scarf) and a face mask.

The UYN collar complies with the recommendations of the Swiss National Science Working Group COVID-19 and the French Standards Association Afnor. This means that Winter Community Maks effectively reduces the effective droplet area when coughing, sneezing or talking, while allowing normal breathing. With this product you will kill two birds with one stone.

Neck tube UYN_Crown
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8 A piece of climbing history - Biography of Kurt Albert

Kurt Albert (1954-2010) was one of the greatest and most ingenious climbers and climbers of all time. He was one of the pioneers of the international free climbing movement and is considered to be the inventor of rock climbing. Red Dot Climbing .

The multi-award winning author and director's biography is replete with his biography. Tom's length is a gap in memory that Kurt Albert's sudden death in an accident opened in September 2010. His book will appeal to anyone who understands rock climbing and mountaineering not just as a sport, but as an attitude to life.

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