What to give your child for his or her 18th birthday

Meeting their needs

Easier said than done, especially if your young person hasn't made you a wish list of gifts. But you've seen him grow up, you've seen him evolve and you certainly know his interests, his passions and his desires. If he's more of a geek, don't hesitate to give him a video game console or a high-tech product for his birthday, for Christmas or for his party. If he is more of an athletic type, offer him a sensational activity.

A birthday party

Sometimes the best 18th birthday gift ideas for a daughter is to organise the birthday itself. Organise a party for your daughter, order a banquet hall in a cosy restaurant, organise an interesting quest, let her friends have fun.

A good holiday trip

Another memorable 18th birthday gift for your daughter can be a trip to your daughter's favourite country, with shopping and visits to interesting places. Let her make friends and go with them on holiday. Young girls love to feel the freedom and pleasure of life. Show confidence, then the daughter will surely appreciate the birthday gift. If a girl dreams of a laptop or a new phone model, an expensive piece of jewellery, make her dream come true. These 18th birthday gift ideas for a daughter will be of great benefit and will be remembered with gratitude. Don't forget to ask carefully what your daughter would choose, or better yet, present a birthday gift certificate with which she can purchase the desired value.


It is also considered a tradition that has existed for several centuries. It can be a ring, a bracelet, earrings or a set of precious metal jewellery. In most cases, gold-plated models are chosen, but nowadays, more affordable silver and elegant platinum are also gaining in popularity.

If finances permit, you can buy jewellery encrusted with precious stones. You can present your beloved daughter with unique jewellery; in this case, it is best to order it.


This idea may seem strange to some, but money is a wonderful birthday present for an 18-year-old daughter. After all, she is already an adult and can decide for herself what exactly she needs at this moment. Now it is no longer relevant to give banknotes in nice envelopes, although if you make an interesting envelope decorated with the good wishes of your loved ones, it will be a very good option. It is better to open an account in your daughter's name and give her a plastic card with a certain amount. If you wish, you can periodically top up her account, which is very convenient if the girl has chosen another city to study at a university.

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