The best places to go out in Madrid with your partner

Stroll through the cobbled streets of Madrid de los Austrias, the oldest part of the city, until you reach the wrought-iron covered market, the San Miguel Market.

The wonderful Txakolina Tavern is the ideal place to go on a pintxosthe Basque version of tapas consisting of small bites on bread. The food is laid out on the top bar, so simply choose what you want to eat. pintxos you would like and pay at the end.

You can take a tapas tour with a cocktail in the Plaza de la Paja, one of the most beautiful squares in Madrid. Delic with its polka-dot tablecloths, is a good option and also makes delicious cakes, if you have room for dessert.

La Mallorquina , in the Puerta del Sol, is one of the bakeries Madrid's best-loved and most famous for its Neapolitan The cakes are filled with chocolate or custard. Take-away orders are lovingly wrapped in the bakery's bright pink paper and tied with string.

Get your historical fix with a visit to the Plaza MayorMadrid's central square. The restaurants surrounding the square are tourist traps, so don't bother to eat here, but do stop for a coffee ( coffee with milk ) if you want to do some people-watching.

Walk to the Royal Palace , Europe's largest and the official residence of Spain's King Felipe and Queen Letizia (however, it is only used for official occasions; royals choose to live in the more modest Zarzuela Palace on the outskirts of Madrid). Next door are the beautiful Sabitini Gardens , with beautiful views of the palace.

Fans of street art can spend the afternoon strolling around the Lavapiés one of Madrid's most diverse and exciting neighbourhoods in terms of modern art.

La Tabacalera , a former tobacco factory, is a community gallery with free admission showing temporary exhibitions of modern art including painting, photography, sculpture and video art.

Head to the Barrio de Las Letras for dinner. This is Madrid's literary quarter, where Miguel de Cervantes wrote his masterpiece. Don Quixote . Keep an eye out for literary quotations written on the streets as you stroll through the neighbourhood.

Do as the locals do and spend a relaxing Sunday at the Park del Retreat with a picnic to round off your anniversary weekend.

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