Symbolism of roses

In the symbolism of roses, flowers say more than we dare.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers can change the ambience of a room and evoke positive emotions, but it also carries a message that cannot be expressed in words. Flowers often say more than we dare to say ourselves. For centuries they have carried different symbolisms that have changed many times, but some common messages have remained. The language of flowers was most popular during the Victorian era, when so-called "floral" flirtations took place, through messages with different flowers. One of the most popular flowers, the rose, can express different feelings depending on its colour.

The red rose is the reserved symbol of love, it is only offered when we want to say "I love you" and in no other case. It does not matter whether it is a fully opened flower or a flower that has not yet opened. The bud of a red rose also signifies strong feelings which, however, should be kept secret.

The white rose symbolises fidelity and incorruptibility, it says "trust me".

Yellow, which has often been considered a message of hate, actually speaks of friendship. Slightly open, the yellow rose asks "Do you still love me?", and the meaning of a fully open yellow flower is "Please come back".

The pink rose is a symbol of full happiness and pleasure, but it also carries the message of secret love and acknowledges "My heart belongs to you". The half-open pink flower says that the love is true, and the fully open flower says: "Trust in what I say and do".

The combination of white and red roses signifies "closeness forever". Perhaps this is where the symbolism in funeral ceremonies comes from, when leaves the colour of these roses are scattered around the grave of the deceased, sending the message that this person will remain in our hearts forever.

The number of roses offered is also significant. One flower carries the message of love, 12 roses express gratitude and respect, 25 are sent as congratulations and a classic bouquet of 100 or 50 roses carries the symbol of eternal love.

In addition to the meaning of the flowers, you can also send a message with the colour of the bouquet itself. Flowers not only have an aesthetic impact, but can also calm or stimulate, elevate the mood:

Red is stimulating and should be handled with care, while purple has a calming and relaxing effect.

Yellow, associated with the sun, improves mood, brings joy and warmth, is the colour of communication, activity and openness.

Orange is the colour of optimism.

Green is sometimes overlooked and seen only as an ornament in bouquets, but it shouldn't be: this colour is associated with nature and a sense of calm.

Blue is the colour of peace.

Pink gives a feeling of joy.

White means total openness, but if you give a bouquet of white flowers as a gift, keep in mind that in some Asian countries it is a colour of mourning.

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