10 Easy Beauty Tricks


10 easy beauty hacks without  buy no new products

If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer, they say. If you take a look at perfumeries and drugstores, it seems that suffering applies mainly to the bank account. Huge sums of money can be spent on the tubes and bottles on the shelves. As I have already said. You can, but you don't have to.

Many effects can be achieved without additional costs. How to do it now? Look better without buying a new product? Yes, it works! Are you curious? Here are 10 easy beauty tips.

1. Lay your head as high as possible to avoid bags under your eyes.

Do you often wake up in the morning with puffy eyes? Then here's a funny trick for less bags: Place a second pillow underneath to slightly elevate the position of your head while you sleep. The slightly tilted position prevents fluid from accumulating under your eyes and you wake up refreshed and alert. These pillows are especially comfortable to sleep on.


2. frozen peas are the best home remedy for dark circles under the eyes.

Another tip against dark circles that sounds strange but really works: put peas on your eyes! If you've had a bad night's sleep, fill two freezer bags with a handful of frozen peas each and place them on the puffy areas for 1-2 minutes.

The peas adapt perfectly to the shape of your face and the cold has a decongestant effect. The best thing to do is to refreeze the bags afterwards, and use them again and again.

3. Always apply body lotion to damp skin.

You put cream, cream and cream on, but still have dry skin? Then you don't necessarily need a new body lotion. It's not only important WHAT you do to care for your body, but also WHEN you do it.


The ideal time is right after a bath or shower. The warmer and wetter the skin is, the better it will absorb the care products. So: shower gently for a while so that the skin does not drip with moisture and apply cream immediately to the still slightly damp skin. But don't shower with water that is too hot.

4. lukewarm water allows the care products to be optimally absorbed.
Do only expensive care products work? Not really. But in order for your care products, no matter how much they cost, to work, you need to pay attention to the water temperature, especially when washing your face. Ideally, it should be lukewarm. Water that is too hot dries out the skin and water that is too cold closes the pores, making it difficult for skin care products to be absorbed later. And the money you've spent on serums and creams has been for nothing.

Read on to find out our top 10 easy beauty hacks 


5. The best home remedy for enlarged pores is ice cubes.

You've just learned that cold closes pores - and that's exactly what you can take advantage of! The coldest primer comes from your freezer: an ice cube. With it you can conceal pores just as well as with expensive pre-make-up products in the shops. Here's how: AFTER (this is important, otherwise it won't be absorbed) applying your skincare cream, rub the ice cube all over your face for 1 minute. The cold causes the pores to shrink and the complexion to appear more even. Make-up can then be applied more easily and evenly.

6. cold water makes hair shiny

You don't need an expensive hair spray to make your hair shiny. Simply wash your hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner, but at the end of the wash, run cold water through your hair for 30 seconds - preferably upside down, so it doesn't run down your back as cold as ice - the cold makes the outer cuticle of the hair contract, making the surface of the hair reflect light better. The cold causes the outer cuticle of the hair to shrink, making the surface reflect the light better - for a powerful shine!

7.Always insert the bobby pins into the hair in a crosswise direction.

Especially with straight hair, bobby pins come out quickly. Hair pins stick better to the hairstyle if they stick a little. That's why you should spray them with a little hairspray before use. And another trick for extra hold: stick two bobby pins in a cross, preferably from below.


8. you can lighten discoloured nails with toothpaste.

You want to take a break from polish, but your nails are no longer presentable due to constant polishing? Then brush your nails with a used toothbrush and toothpaste. The cleansing particles in the toothpaste will remove the yellow discolouration of nail polish and the like. This works best with whitening toothpaste and after a hot foot bath.

9. Start the day with a large glass of warm water.

First thing in the morning you grab a cup of coffee? Replace the caffeine with a large glass of warm water. This will stimulate your kidneys and intestines and thus your metabolism. By the way, this ritual comes from Ayurveda.

Finally the last trick of our 10 easy beauty hacks 

10. never put styling products on wet hair..
Are you always running out of mousse or volumising spray? Add products to your hair only after drying, when it is already slightly damp. Why? Humidity dilutes the products and makes them less effective. This causes you to use even more product, which means you'll run out sooner (pocketbook alert!) and your hair will get sticky.

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