3 Roguelike games to give as gifts

What is a Roguelike game?

vampire survivors

Roguelike games are a genre of video games named after the game Rogue, and have certain distinctive peculiarities. Their main attribute is the random generation of maps, which makes each game unique. This type of game is conceived as an endurance race in which each attempt takes us a little further along the course.

Each time we undertake the challenge of traversing the map, we obtain a series of resources that help us to advance further. In addition, there are random factors involved in creating our character and building his power, as there are generally enemies to contend with. Thus, some combinations are more effective than others.

1. Vampire Survivors


In Vampire Survivors, the player selects one of the playable characters and enters a vast field, where the player's goal is to survive against waves of incoming enemies. At the beginning, the player has only one weapon to fight the enemies. By killing enemies, the player gains experience and can level up, allowing them to obtain additional weapons and passive items or upgrade existing ones to help them survive the tougher enemies to come.

In addition to enemies, destructible light sources also occasionally appear, which drop gold coins and other useful items that help the player defend against enemies. The collected gold can be used to purchase new characters and power-ups to aid the player in future attempts.

2. Dead Cells


Dead Cells, a game developed by Motion Twin, is an action roguelike with a focus on exploration and combat. In this game, the player controls a headless creature that must traverse several randomly generated levels, while facing different enemies and bosses.

As you progress, the player can collect cells, which can be spent on permanent upgrades for your character. Dead Cells has been praised for its challenging level design, precise combat system and stunning visual aesthetic, making it an excellent choice for fans of roguelike and action games.

The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of isaac

The Binding of Issac takes place in a randomly generated dungeon and tells the story of a boy named Isaac who tries to escape from his religious fanatic mother, who believes that God has ordered her to sacrifice her son to prove her faith. The game is played from a top-down perspective and you control Isaac as he fights a variety of enemies and bosses, collects items and power-ups that increase his abilities, and unlocks new rooms in the dungeon.

The game is known for its difficulty and its roguelike style of gameplay, which means that death is permanent and the player must start from the beginning each time he dies. It is also known for its disturbing aesthetics and controversial religious themes.

These are just three of the many roguelike games available on the market, but each offers a unique and challenging experience. If you have friends who enjoy this genre, any of these games would make an excellent gift.

You can purchase the games via the following links:

Vampire survivors

Dead Cells

The Binding of Issac


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