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    Chewing gum ball vending machine

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    Today we bring you a miniature of the wonderful vending machine that was all the rage years ago. The chewing gum balls are of different colours, blue, pink, yellow and green and the size of the machine is 13 cm.

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    Toilet bag with teddy bear and bottle

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    Toilet bag with a teddy bear and a plastic bottle. It comes wrapped in cellophane paper so that the products are not damaged and the presentation of your gift is more beautiful. The teddy bear measures 18 cm and the bottle is decorated with illustrations of funny emojis.

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    Biros with reversible sequin heart.

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    Beautiful reversible sequin heart biros. The sequins are two-tone red and gold. In addition, the reversible sequin heart is soft. The barrel is made of plastic, and is covered with a decorative polyester quote with a little bow at the end.

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    Children's winter hat with pompoms

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    Warm children's winter hat with pompoms. Size: between the ages of one year and ten years, as the hat stretches quite a bit. Colour: beige and the pompoms are a slightly darker shade of brown. Material: knitted wool

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    Lip candy lollipop dummy

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    It is a fun candy whose support is a lip in metallic colours, purple or orange and it is like a dummy. It contains a protective plastic cap to protect the candy. The candy is hard and its flavour is strawberry.

  • Nice messages for your friends and family

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    Beautiful messages for your friends and family. Choose the text you like the most and complement it with a gift for that person so special to you. If you are not convinced by the message, tell us what text you want and we will personalise it to your liking.

  • Lollipop dog key chains

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    We present you these fun doggy key rings with lollipops. They are the ideal gift to carry your keys in an original and stylish way. What's more, you can treat yourself to a sweet treat with the lollipop that each of these little dogs has between their teeth.

  • Children's backpacks with stuffed animals

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    Introducing these fun children's backpacks with stuffed animals. The ideal gift for any child to carry their belongings.

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    Shiny animal card holders

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    Shiny animal card holders so you can store and keep all your cards organised. They have fourteen compartments for storage on both sides and have a clip closure.

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