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Shojo manga to give as gifts

Welcome to shojo manga for gifts. We hope above all that those who read it will like it and find it useful.

Shojo manga concept

The term "shojo" manga is used for comics aimed at girls under the age of 18, but can also refer to all manga that are aimed at a female audience. They cover a variety of genres: fantasy, horror, action, adventure, erotic, sports, historical, humour, etc.

In this shojo manga article to give as a gift, we will mention some of the manga of this genre that are currently sold in Spain and that you should not miss.

Yona princess of dawn

Yona, the only daughter of the Emperor of Kouka, is a beloved and pampered princess, who knows nothing else but the luxurious and peaceful life in the palace. The princess is in love with her handsome cousin Soo-won, but after witnessing him kill her father, she flees the palace with her bodyguard Son Hak who is nicknamed "Thunder Beast".

Here begins a journey in which the princess must meet the legendary dragons to convince them to become her protectors and followers, and in which she herself begins to mature and see the outside world in a different way.

Sakura Card Captor Clear Card

Continuation of the acclaimed Clamp Sakura Card Captor manga. Sakura is ready for a new school year, but after a strange dream, she realises that her cards have lost all their power. Sakura will have to face new challenges and discover the mysteries of the new cards and who is the person who appears in her dreams. To do so, she will count on Syoran, who will suddenly return from China, and her inseparable friend Tomoyo who will delight us with her models and recordings of Sakura in action.

Pichi Pichi Pitch

Luchia, mermaid princess of the North Pacific Ocean, rises to the surface in search of the boy she rescued from a storm seven years ago, with whom she had fallen in love and entrusted her pink pearl. Finally, she finds the boy: a teenage surfer named Kaito. However, Kaito does not recognise Luchia in her human form and she cannot directly tell Kaito who she really is; otherwise, she would turn into bubbles and disappear. 

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