Manga josei for gifts

Manga "josei" to give as a gift

Welcome to "josei" manga for gifts. We hope that those who read it will like it and find it useful.

Concept of "josei" manga

The term "josei" manga is the natural evolution of "shôjo" manga and is therefore intended for an adult female audience. The plots are much more complex and are mainly oriented towards relationships, seduction and the concerns of modern young women, such as celibacy, work, the ideal partner and marriage.

In this article on "josei" manga to give as a gift, we will mention some of the manga of this genre that are currently sold in Spain and that you should not miss.

Cat Street

Keito has not been in school since she was nine years old. Her life as a child star was turned upside down when she was betrayed by her best friend. But everything starts all over again when she decides to enter a very special school called "El Listón", which specialises in reintegrating children who have dropped out of the school system. With the support of her friends, but above all thanks to her strength of character, she will find her way in life.

cat street


Ari Kojima and her boyfriend Sousuke Fujitani have been dating since college. Due to their current jobs they can't see each other as much as they would like, so they decide to move in together. They do this behind their parents' backs, breaking with the Japanese mentality that a couple should live together once they are married.


After her mother's remarriage, Nazuna prepares to move for the summer. Norimichi and Yusuke, two friends in the same class, are challenged by her to a swimming race. Yusuke wins and gets the right to be invited by Nazuna to watch the local fireworks together. That evening Yusuke must make some important decisions.

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