5 ways to decorate your home for a birthday party

Birthday parties have to be special, that's why when we celebrate one, we want nice decorations, food that the guests like and in general, a good atmosphere for the party.

Understandably, though, this can sometimes cost more than we would like.

So to help you out we list 5 simple and cheap decorations to host a good birthday party.

Choose a theme 

The first step is to choose the theme of the party, for example, if the party is a children's party, the theme should have lots of colours and decorations that children like. You could also use as a theme something that the person having a birthday really likes. From the theme you choose, all the decorations should be geared towards it, so it will be easier for you to choose the elements.

Do not celebrate the party at home

If you are not too keen on the idea of having the party at home and the weather allows you to have it outdoors, look for nice and spacious places where you can have the party close to your house. In case your house has a spacious garden or patio, you could hold the party there. Just try to make the most of the space you have, set up a table for the food, decorate the place and you could cook something for the guests.


Balloons are the most typical birthday party decoration, who doesn't like balloons at a birthday party? Buy some balloons (be prepared to blow them up), you can choose from many different colours or just ones that fit in with the theme you have chosen, maybe two balloons to indicate the birthday boy or girl's age. Place the balloons all around the party to give it a nice atmosphere.

Fill the place with colours

If you are planning to decorate your house for a birthday party, you'd better add a touch of colour, otherwise the party will be boring. You can make use of the balloons you bought earlier, but also add other things like a happy birthday banner, lights, candles on the cake to go with the theme, etc.

The party cutlery

These are best if they are disposable and come in many colours and also with themes to go with the party decorations. We recommend that you don't buy simple plates and cups if you want your party to be as well decorated as possible. These are not very expensive and if you choose ones that match the rest of the decoration they will look much better.


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