7 Gifts you can give at a wedding

Have you received an invitation to attend a wedding and are looking for a gift idea for the future spouses? Whether for a member of your family, your best friend, colleague or another, we have selected for you our 20 best ideas for WEDDING GIFTS to be offered in 2022.

What gift to offer for a wedding?

7 original ideas

When you are invited to a wedding, giving a gift to the newlyweds is an unavoidable custom. Some engaged couples prepare a list of gifts before their wedding. It is then enough to consult it to find out what will please the young couple. Others leave you free to choose a wedding present. Here are a few ideas gift ideas to help you choose an original and inspiring gift.

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  1. Professional filming
    photo shoot with a professional photographer will be a good time to immortalise the bride and groom. Forget the dusty photographs of yesteryear. Nowadays, wedding photographers design original and elegant photo boxes.
  2. . A tree to plant
    Do the bride and groom have a garden? Give them a treethat they can watch grow over the years. Choose a scent suitable for the place of residence of the young lovers.
  3. A romantic weekend
    As for a romantic weekend, he suggests that other guests form a joint donation in order to offer the newlyweds a honeymoon. Venice remains a destination of choice for an unforgettable honeymoon.
  4. A case of vintage champagne
    To celebrate the happy events that will mark the lives of the bride and groom, nothing better than champagne. Birth of a child, purchase of a house, promotion... There are plenty of opportunities to have a drink. Vintage bottles are sure to please, especially as they can be kept for up to ten years. You can also decide to offer a case of champagne or wine from your wedding or reunion year!
  5. A lesson in wine
    A trip around wine, as a couple or with friends, is a beautiful experience that newlyweds will remember for a long time. A trip to Burgundy is perfect for tasting great vintages and sampling delicious AOC cheeses.
  6. A massage, spa and wellness session
    Organising a wedding ceremony is a moment of joy, which nevertheless requires a lot of preparation work on the part of the future spouses: sending the invitations, organising the banquet, seating arrangements, catering, choice of clothes... Offering a spa and wellness session to the newlyweds will allow them to enjoy some much-needed relaxation.
  7. A night in a 5-star palace

Once the wedding is over, the couple will surely appreciate the comfort and luxury of a quality suite. Treat them to a moment of pleasure they will remember for a lifetime.



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