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Seinen manga to give as gifts

Welcome to seinen manga to give away. We hope above all that whoever reads it will like it and find it useful.

Concept of "seinen" manga

The term "seinen" manga is a natural evolution of "shonen" manga and is therefore aimed at a male audience, but in this case a more adult one. The reflection of the protagonists, the moral of the story and the intellectual conflicts is what orients this genre towards a much more adult and mature vision.

In this article on "seinen" manga to give as a gift, we will mention some of the manga of this genre that are currently sold in Spain and that you should not miss out on reading.

Death Note

Ryûk is a Shinigami who is terribly bored and one day decides to leave his "Death Notebook" in the world of the living. The notebook falls into the hands of Light Yagami, a gifted high school student. When Light discovers the notebook's powers, he wants to create a world in which criminals do not exist and he himself is the god of that world. The numerous unexplained deaths of criminals around the world will attract the attention of Interpol and Detective L.

death note


One night in 1986, Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a young Japanese neurosurgeon, decides to save the life of a child. He could never have imagined the consequences. The child he saved has grown up and seems to be the so-called "Monster", a monster and murderer who spreads terror in his wake.



In a medieval world, scarred by a difficult past, a mercenary named Guts wanders free to decide his destiny. This resolution comes after participating in bloody battles and witnessing dark political intrigues. This is coupled with a lost wager that causes him to join the Hawks, a mercenary troop led by Griffith.


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