Chinese love legend: How a common thread helps you find your soul mate

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 Chinese love legend You simply can't find a suitable person, even though you want a relationship? Be patient and try not to despair. Because so far, it is obvious that you have not met the right person who is made for you. And one day he or she will be in front of you, because he or she is also looking for you. According to Chinese wisdom, fate will see to it that you find yourself.

The Chinese legend of love or the red thread
According to an ancient Chinese belief, Yue Lao, a deity of marriage and love in Chinese mythology, ties a red string around the ankle of each newborn on the first night - in other versions it is the wrist. The other end binds him or her to his or her soul mate. Through this thread of fate, the two people are connected forever. They are destined to meet at some point and will never lose each other.

This is how fate controls love
This invisible thread of destiny can never be broken, it binds the two souls together forever and ever, and will bind them together, regardless of time and place. This means that everyone will find their twin flame, their great love, sooner or later, the gods will take care of it. 

Now that you know the Chinese legend of love, you can start to take it a little easier and enjoy the moment. You just have to believe in it and have a little patience. A beautiful idea, isn't it?

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