How to celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a date that is commemorated in different ways around the world. While there are some who mark the day as a religious holiday, for others it is an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and celebrate the relationships that hold people together.

When it comes to giving a gift to your partner, remember that love is not shown by the amount of money you spend or the size of your gift. It's the desire you put into choosing the gift and the attention you pay to the tastes and needs of the person you love.


It is one of the first countries to celebrate Valentine's Day, where women used to be showered with lavish gifts, packed in carved boxes and hand-decorated with stones and scented cushions. But nowadays the gifts are simpler, such as cards, cuddly toys, chocolates, flowers. Similarly, the custom of going out to dinner or sailing in a romantic way is maintained.

Within the traditions we have:

* The sale of many cards for all lovers of this season.

* Men are more romantic than women in Spain. As 58% of men buy greeting cards compared to 41% of Spanish women.

* The latest trend is the sending of e-mails and e-cards, as you can also opt for music cards.

* Since time immemorial, flowers have been the best way to show love. A beautiful bouquet for Valentine's Day will be a perfect gift to express your most sincere feelings.

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